Diana Odette Beaulieu

I studied biology, human sciences and psycho-neuroimmunology at Oxford University and was awarded a post-graduate degree in environmental anthropology at University College London.

I worked as an anthropologist in Latin America, and a writer and researcher for international NGOs, charities, science journals and universities – and thought that a career in research was going to be my future. 

However, a relationship crisis and resulting depression led me down the path of complementary medicine. I spent ten years training in, practicing and teaching Shiatsu, a Japanese energy-based bodywork modality.

I worked in front line addiction, homelessness and women’s services. I began to understand how early and on-going trauma creates a long term impact on human emotions and behaviour.

During this time I found a passion for storytelling. I researched ancient goddess and matriarchal cultures and history and performed original and traditional stories at the British Museum and at international conferences and festivals. 

My desire for a deeper understanding of the human psyche led me down a seven-year apprenticeship in core shamanic medicine. Working with individual clients, I learned how to heal and resolve psychological, emotional and relationship issues through transformational journeying methods that reveal the hidden, multi-dimensional causes of imbalance.  

Shamanic practice took me deeper down her own healing pathway, to the point where I was prepared to confront and heal my long-repressed childhood sexual traumas. This was the gateway into the shadow and trauma locked deep within my Womb. 

Through my own personal healing journey and the self-healing methods that I developed for myself and my clients, my unique pathway of Womb Healing and Awakening was born. A have dedicated my life to this work for the last five years. 

Sacred Womb Awakening is a contemporary energy healing modality that builds on ancient energy medicine foundations and is designed to work at all levels – psychological, emotional and physical – so that the healing can be fully integrated and embodied. 

Now that I have met, and am working with my Beloved, I feel that my years of feminine healing work have prepared me to hold a global-level space for deep healing within and between men and women.

I am now working more deeply in the emotional, energetic and sexual dynamics between men and women and how they can be healed, as well as exploring the individual and common trauma held by men which mirrors women’s trauma very strongly.

I also feel  inspired to contribute to the un-precendented energy shift that is taking place on the planet by helping to bring through the codes and pathways for healing and evolution that are needed so urgently right now.

Soulrise is the container for my continued evolving work and the community that i passionately wish to serve alongside my Beloved. It is my contribution our planetary shift and I feel I am humbly working alongside countless others, each of whom contributes their unique facet to this jewel.


A new online  community for anyone who wants to activate and harmonise their masculine & feminine energy, ignite their personal sovereignty and create joyful dynamic relationships.

An evolving curriculum of live online classes with teachings and practical tools for for coherent, ongoing personal development geared towards living life to its full potential.

Plus: community support on your healing and personal development journey with our expert and peer to peer online forum and live sharing circles.