Simon Sanud

Simon Sanud

I am a man working with and sharing practical teachings for inner and outer development. I have combined traversing a classical spiritual path in yoga, tantra and shamanic journeying for many years with working as a professional in the film industry.

My deep dive journey entailed a twenty year guru disciple relationship with a modern Guru, whose core teaching was facilitating direct divine experience through ancient practices, like Shaktipat, Darshan, Chanting and Seva. I then entered a five year Tantra Yoga path, where I learned masculine feminine energetic balance, with physical and meditative techniques until finally discovering my own spiritual discipline and truth.

Along the way I worked as a video editor for twelve years in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Berlin. I have made a living as a voice over artist since 1995 for corporate videos, audio books and commercials.

I have been writing screenplays and directing films starting in 2005. I have worked in high pressure post production houses opposite Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles, lent my voice to companies like Glashütte, Siemens, L’Oreal and BMW, have written and directed sales films and videos for a wide range of customers ranging from General Electric to practitioners who are teaching Yoga or who are helping to birth the Divine Feminine.


My search for meaning has taken me to the archetypal knowledge of the human soul, which I have taught in my Archetype Seminars in Berlin. This search has also taken me to the shamanic level of journeying, with my beloved and life partner Diana Beaulieu. Together we are actively discovering the depths of life, human history and storytelling. 

My journey has led me to finally find my own personal meaning in life: to take on the responsibility of the conscious storyteller and spiritual teacher. To tell the true story of human kind in beauty and detail, in sorrow and drama as well as with humour and wisdom. This is where I have come to in my relationship to story: Storytelling is teaching and teaching is storytelling. Story is the medium with which we humans record our archetypal wisdom and pass it on. It is also the most vulnerable commodity we have. True stories are what we base our reality on. All stories, paths and teachings are where we find meaning and we depend on them to be as pure as possible. It is the conscious storyteller’s responsibility to travel the path of direct knowledge and consider the true rendering of stories and teachings sacred, beyond individual taste or transitory ideology and hold it up as one of the highest values of the collective human family.

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