Birthing New Earth - Podcast Spiritual Sovereignty and Natural Law

Birthing In New Earth Podcast – Spiritual and Natural Law Sovereignty

In this first episode of Birthing New Earth – Season 3, we have Diane and Simon from Soulrise sharing their knowledge about Spiritual and Natural Law Sovereignty.

Diane and Simon have a combined 50+ years of experience in the personal development & healing fields. They empower people just like you to ignite your spiritual sovereignty, activate your feminine and masculine energy & manifest joyful, dynamic relationships. At this time, they feel called to assist and hold space for all those who are in the process of reclaiming their human sovereignty and divine blueprint as part of creating a New Earth.

We dive into the topic of Sovereignty. They share about their journeys and what has led them to do the work they do. We discuss what spiritual sovereignty means, how we have lost our connection to Source and how we can begin to restore this channel and call back our power.

We discuss the connection between spiritual sovereignty and natural law sovereignty. How spiritual contracts are formed and how we can begin to undo them. They share things we can start to do now to reclaim our sovereignty and how we can become more autonomous.

And sooo much more!

I love Diane and Simon and loved this conversation. It was very insightful and full of deep wisdom, especially for this time on our planet. Diane and Simon have a new online community called Soulrise

Here are some links mentioned in the episode:
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Website on gaining ownership of your name, which we spoke about:

Podcast by Samantha Briatico – founder Birthing In New Earth