02.11 The Journey


Going Forward

“Follow Your Emotions” can be a motto to find the different root situations of our emotions. This way you can build the habit of always breathing into your emotions as they come up. You can then find the actual situation in your past, where your boundaries were violated in some way.

With this habit in place you can discern which emotions really are pain pockets of your past. Then you can communicate this, diffusing the conflict situation you are experiencing, because you admit it is not only about the situation you are experiencing now. This takes the blame out of a situation. You start to really own your emotions, meaning you could communicate that you need some time and space to let them surface and ultimately provide your own healing for them.

After this process of self responsible discernment and self healing you can come back to the triggering conflict situation and share about the aspects that really are of the NOW, but without blame and without the extra “volume” of emotions.