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Misunderstood Dynamics of Spiritual Sex, Semen Retention and Male Sexual Energy

The dynamics of semen retention and male sexual energy often include anxiety about premature ejaculation, about not performing well sexually, of feeling exhausted by too many ejaculations, or in other cases feeling bothered by unwanted sexual urges. This may lead to the wish to avoid sexual desire in different ways. Simply lowering the amount of ejaculations over a period of time by lowering sexual activity and sexual arousal does not take into account the energetic side of the build up of erotic life force. If seen from a materialistic point of view of course the life force in sperm is made up of components that provide the building blocks for the co-creating of a baby in the womb. Seen from an energetic stand point however the life force is also built up purely energetically by absorbing earth energies from the earth and food, as well as cosmic energies from the sun and the mysterious energetic dynamics of nature itself, comprising a spiritual element to semen retention to be explored by us as we go along!

In connection with this topic it is important to note that lowering sexual activity may also lower the dynamics of absorbing more life force into the ecosystem of the body, which may not be advantageous, because less life force will likely mean less benefits to our health. A good question to ask is: does the occurance of problems with the prostate correlate with diminished sexual activity?

Spiritually speaking humans are made up of different layers with different degrees of subtlety, with the physical body being the densest layer. The next and less dense layer is made up of energy only. It is called the “Prana Body” in Sanskrit. There are more layers that are even more subtle than energy and they are all capable of being involved in experiencing the orgasmic energy in spiritual sex, at their different respective levels.

The mystery and quest for answers on what the orgasmic energy is and how we connect with it during sexual experiences is as ongoing as any pursuit of knowledge. Ask yourself this simple question: Do you know where the orgasmic energy comes from? Because once you experience it in heightened ways through splitting the orgasm it seems to be a field or a reservoir of energy, rather than a simple physical sensation built up by stimulation of the genitals.

The stimulation seems to be a means to dial in the greater resonance field of the orgasmic energy creating a connection to it so it can flow into us during deeply intimate arousal. This seems to be more powerful when it is between two lovers than by solo pleasure practices. It seems to be a good idea to admit that we don’t know the entire story here and to be open to experiencing it as a blissful mystery together with someone with feel intimately connected with and can open up to in more and more subtle ways.

Sexual Continence

Sexual continence can also be seen as long term form of semen retention . Although exponentially increasing in popularity in recent years, with obvious increases in internet searches, retaining seminal fluids and trying to “last longer” during sexual activity has likely been known and practiced for as long as there have been humans having sex. Records and techniques appear in ancient Taoism (China) and Tantra (India).

Studies show the benefits of retaining the body’s life force by semen retention and it seems logical to conclude that this is a good idea once one starts experimenting with different techniques. One simple way to note the difference are the varying energy levels after sex when experimenting with semen retention versus ejaculation.

However it seems that most men who endeavour to achieve this manage to go as long as a few days or a few weeks. When I started ten years ago the first two years I practiced it via stopping the orgasm, as most men do and trying to lead the energy somewhere else, away from the genitals, I did feel that somehow my energy was still partially lost while practicing it this way. When I checked my urine after such stoppage of the orgasm I would sometimes find that it contained clouds of seminal fluid along with the urine itself.

What is a Retrograde Ejaculation?

Normally the sperm fluids are directed through the urethra, a channel with the shared purpose of urinating. The bladder has a small sphincter muscle that closes and opens for different purposes. It releases the urine when urinating and holds it in when not. Also, it stays closed during ejaculation. If it does not, the pressure of the ejaculation can force semen up into the bladder as well as out through the penis (“Lingam” in Sanskrit). This can happen as a mild and not very serious medical disorder, but it can also happen when practicing semen retention without using the techniques to direct the energy and life force upward into the body before having sex, as a daily practice and also during. When the body is trained to direct the life force energy of the semen upwards into the body the process during ejaculation seems to change from physical pressure to energetic pressure, making it easier to retain the semen in the testes and simply shoot up the life force energy through the body.

In the first phases of experimenting with stopping the ejaculation retrograde ejaculation can take place, but this is not serious in any medical way according to medical news today. It is however a good indicator that there is still a ways to go before the orgasm is truly redirected and semen is truly retained in the body. This is of course not an exact science, but if interested in having an objective criteria one method is peeing into a jar some time after the orgasm and checking if the urine is “cloudy”. If it is then this retrograde ejaculation has happened or has partially happened. All this means is that more practice can improve the process to the point where the life force of the semen is transformed more frequently, so that the transformation and transmutation has already occurred long before the sexual activity.

 “Without the Use of Energetic Techniques

Semen Retention is not Sustainable Long Term”

There are at least ten ways to train the body to reabsorb and redirect the energies related to the life force of the semen and the dynamics of orgasmic energies during sex successfully. And some of these ways are crucial in avoiding what is commonly termed as “blue balls”, the experience of pressure in the testes when aroused without any form of release, be it ejaculating or specific techniques for relieving the testes of their naturally built up pressure.

In Taoism and tantric practices directing the huge amount of life force back into the body by different techniques are ways in which the energy of the life force, called “chi” in Taoism, can be reabsorbed by the body. Each organ contributes to building up the life force necessary to give the semen enough power to co-create new life. The entire force of nature is behind the impulse to release this purposefully during sex in ejaculation. Interestingly it has also provided for ways of increasing health, spirit and longevity by providing the possibility of transforming this life force inside the body and reabsorbing it instead of “losing” it during orgasm.

What are the benefits of semen retention

by not ejaculating for 30 days?

The benefits of practicing semen retention, or sexual continence for more than 30 days, even months or years are enormous:

  1. Increased ability to concentrate for longer periods of time
  2. Improved memory
  3. Increased motivation
  4. Higher self confidence
  5. Improved health
  6. Increased strength and stamina
  7. Prolonged youthful appearance
  8. Increased longevity
  9. Increased virility
  10. Increased testosterone (even in vegetarians)
  11. Even increased charisma
  12. Prolonged natural erections
  13. Increased readiness for intercourse
  14. Deeper connection with your lover if practiced together

What are the side effects of semen retention?

Contrary to popular belief retention of the semen over prolonged periods of time is not harmful, according to medical doctors, but rather beneficial to men’s health, as witnessed in studies of higher sperm count and even sperm quality as a general indicator.

Looking at sperm itself as an indicator to answer this question leads us to conclusion that it can only be healthy to retain sperm, because th sperm itself shows signs of being more healthy. Here a link to an analysis of studies between 1979 and 2016 showing this in numbers: Analysis of Studies

Does sperm build up if not released? Even from the view point of medicine sperm can be reabsorbed into the body when not ejaculated. There is no harmful build up by practicing long term semen retention or sexual continence, as some worry, maybe because they experience a building pressure they call “blue balls”, or to use the medical term “epididymal hypertension”, when simply attempting not to ejaculate over longer periods of time without using any supportive techniques. The somewhat overly simple medical advice is to ejaculate, or reducing arousal (!), but we are looking at more conscious, useful and holistically beneficial alternatives to that in this article.

Getting into the practice often starts with an experimentation period in which men test the waters by practicing different techniques. Pressure seems to build up to a peak over a two week period, after which a release seems inevitable.

But this does not have to mean the end of the road and the maximum of the possibilities of the build up of life force and its many benefits to health and general positivity in the experience of every day life.

So, What’s the Answer to Avoiding “Blue Balls”

When the pressure of life force, of erotic energy, of the “chi” in the testes builds up to a point where it is uncomfortable interrupting the long term semen retention by ejaculation is not the only way out. There are many other ways to relieve “blue balls”, including having an actual orgasm without ejaculating, as well as using the following ways most of which were used by the ancient tantric practitioners to prepare the body’s “energy lines”, which in the Sanskrit language are called NADI.

10 Steps to Sustainable Semen Retention

  1. Practice reabsorbing the life force of semen through specific body postures (asanas that transmute energies)
  2. Daily practice of PC Muscle with Interrupted Urination Technique
  3. Practice edging regularly separately from sex with a partner
  4. Practice edging with partner before penetration
  5. Practice edging during Intercourse
  6. Control the Orgasm through Breath
  7. Control Orgasm through Muscles
  8. Redirect Energy at Time of Orgasm without Ejaculation
  9. Practice arching the back and head during redirecting of orgasmic energy
  10. Absorb Redirected Orgasmic Energy

These ten steps describe a lifestyle of semen retention that sets training the body to reabsorb the life force and erotic energies into the body as one of its priorities. The core practice of the body postures can be done in as little as 8 minutes twice a day in order to relieve the pressure building up in the testes and at the same time activating all the benefits of semen retention by letting the body absorb the life force and erotic energy. The body can use this life force for other functions such as focus, health and stamina, to mention only a few. In order to give this knowledge a format in which these techniques can be explained and shown a weekend men’s workshop is a great way to get started:


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Making the Techniques Your Own

Once the 10 ways of semen retention and transformation have been explained it’s a matter of experimenting and making the techniques your own over time. Each step is a new discovery of what can be done with the masculine human body and how different life can feel when the sexual energy is not in a constant swing of the pendulum between uncomfortable build up and depletion. Finding a through line in your life of having a constant reservoir of energy for all activities, as well as being available for sexual activity whenever it seems aligned for you and your lover can be a revelation. Not being driven by a force that is so powerful it can be uncomfortable can be liberating. Having erotic energy and sexual stamina available whenever it comes up for both you and your partner can be very relaxing, because the reservoir of energy is always accessible, but not coming from a place of need.

Should there be a wish for more sexual energy there are embodied energy postures that can be added to the minimal daily practice that can increase sexual energy, even within the context of keeping up the daily flow of energy from the testes to the rest of the body.

What is “Edging”

Edging, or riding the wave, is the practice of riding the increasing and decreasing wave of being close to having an orgasm. It is going to the edge of almost having an orgasm and halting stimulation just before the orgasm has its fulfillment. This can be done alone, in “pleasure practice” in order to get used to the orgasmic energy building up and subsiding when stimulation is halted. Edging is a perfect practice outside of the setting of intercourse for a couple also, because it gives your lover the experience of feeling your body in different states of closeness to orgasm and what it takes to let the orgasmic tsunami subside again – absolute stillness and even holding your breath. Your partner can stimulate you while you communicate via numbers between 1 and 10, where 10 is full orgasm (with ejaculation if you are not splitting the orgasm yet) and 8 is the point of no return, while 7 is riding the wave or the “edge” of orgasm.

Hearing these numbers and relating them to how your body feels your lover can get an idea of what is going on inside you as you ride the edge of the wave. Later when you are making love including penetration, when it is much harder to ride the wave, at least your lover knows your body language and most of al is “on board” with what you are trying to achieve for both of you by learning this together. The benefits for your lover are obvious: once you can ride the wave together the love making becomes more intense, you both become more “in tune” with each other and the whole experience can be as long or short as you both consciously decide.

Apart from those beautiful benefits for you both, your body starts to get an idea of what can be done with the orgasmic energy. It is feelable how the energy disperses itself throughout the body. The more you do this the more the energy highways, the nadi, are encouraged to let the orgasmic energy flow through you rather than simply build up in the genital area only, where there then seems to be only one way out. The value of this orgasmic energy becomes known by you and your lover and it then seems a waste to let it “drain out” with ejaculations. Even minimizing the times you lose your precious fluids to half of the amount of times will benefit your body, deepen your awareness of yourself and increase your connection to your lover. Allowing this process to happen naturally without it becoming rigid or judging yourself when you lose your fluids is the key to going on a long term path with yourself, exploring what is possible in the human body.

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The Technique of “Splitting the Orgasm”

The beneficial effects on our health, consciousness, relationships and general positivity by increasing sexual activity but practicing semen retention while continuing to have orgasms is amazing. This can be called “Splitting the Orgasm” and its resonance with the power of splitting the atom is fitting, because the ongoing benefits are staggeringly powerful. Practically speaking it means having an energetic orgasm that feels like a full orgasm, to the point of wanting to check afterwards if it really was a “dry” orgasm. It can be amazing to discover that ejaculation did not occur, even though it felt like an amazing full orgasm.

The techniques of the 10 ways are all important to be able to achieve this and the quality that is additionally necessary is patience with yourself. This may be a goal you have but let the body and all its subtle layers catch up with you through blissful practice. Above all be courageous and explore the possibilities with yourself and with your lover. Remember to bring your lover “on board” with what you are exploring, explaining the benefits to you both.

Additionally, to the ten ways you will find it helpful to use your hands in an energetically focusing way. What this means is having one hand on your heart, when approaching the edge of your orgasmic wave in order to direct the energies where your hand is. Imagine the energy of your hand extending beyond your fingers or palm into your body, your chest area, or your head. This way the energy can be attracted to go there, transmuted and separated, “split” from the precious fluids in your testes and making their way through your body, giving extra life force to the parts of your body you are directing the life force energy, the “Chi”, to.

Especially after many approaches and retreats from the edge of the orgasmic wave, in the moment when you are jumping into the resonance field of the orgasm, in that moment all the preparation comes to bear. Have you practiced the embodied energy posture enough? Because in that moment you can either split the orgasm or you can’t.  And if you can’t, don’t worry. There is always a next time and by then you will have prepared just that little bit more.

That little bit of discipline and effort is well worth it. Considering that the world we live in rewards ambition, stamina and mental acuity in work and virility in the bedroom, experiencing a fulfilled life is much more likely when practicing the technique of splitting the orgasm.

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Does Semen Retention Increase Testosterone?

When measuring testosterone levels before and after ejaculation it becomes clear that testosterone drops right after ejaculation, which leads us to the assumption that with semen retention testosterone is kept stable or even raised if the semen is retained. As we discussed above this is not likely to be the case if this is achieved by lowering the sexual activity and energy in the body, by letting it fall asleep so to speak. Rather, it is likely to be kept stable or to be raised when sexual activity is high or at least activated in regular intervals and combined with the practice of splitting the orgasm, or having an energetic orgasm without losing the precious fluids through ejaculation, meaning in the end semen retention increases your overall power.

How do I get started?

The best way is to just get started getting an overview of the techniques needed to be able to eventually get closer to splitting the orgasm. This way an intention can be made to reach this goal at some point and to enjoy the path of getting there. There are many materials out there to support this journey. One compact way to do this is to sign up for the next workshop at which will be held several times a year. The foundational knowledge can be easily learned and the techniques can be shown accurately so the practice is effective. From there it is all up to your level of interest in the mystical processes of your own body. Investing in your own process so you can do the things that increase your own health.

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