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Get exclusive access to the teaching, support,
& tools to create feminine & masculine balance,
spiritual sovereignty & conscious relationships

Do you wish to...

If so, then you already know that it's not easy to find down to earth teachings and real-life practical tools to help you evolve

This is what inspired us to create Soulrise
as a place where we could:

Share knowledge

Offer Assistance

Create a Safe Space ​

Be Authentic

Share real, down-to-earth knowledge and tools that actually work and that we’ve tested over the years in our lives and with our community

Show up as and support other “warts’n’all” human beings (no gurus here), bringing lightness and humour to everything we do

Create a safe environment to share stories, successes, challenges and “weird experiences” on the healing path

Assist anyone who wants to consciously evolve and transform their life in the midst of these changing times



A new online  community for anyone who wants to activate and harmonise their masculine & feminine energy, ignite their personal sovereignty and create joyful dynamic relationships.

An evolving curriculum of live online classes with teachings and practical tools for coherent, ongoing personal development geared towards living your life to its full potential.

Plus: community support on your healing and personal development journey with our expert and peer to peer online forum and live sharing circles.

Our New
Soulrise Theme

A forecast of
hot summer stroms
over the next months
centered around

Sexual Alchemy

Free Replay of Masterclass July 7th

The year's soul rise Curriculum


What we help you do

What you'll get each month

Live Classes & Practices

Learn, live & direct with us. Master life-transforming energy practices for self-healing & empowerment

Monthly Live Master Class

Join us for live teachings on monthly topics, sharing circles & Q&As

Monthly Energy Practices

Meditations, Embodied Energy Practices, Self Healing Tools & More. Shared live in our classes and made available for daily use


Share, tell your stories, get support directly from us & build your community of like-minded souls


For Men and Women,
Sharing, Celebration & Support
with Simon & Diana


Womb & Feminine Energy Practices & Perspectives Sharing, Stories & Support with Diana


Masculine Energy Practices & Perspectives Sharing, Stories and Support with Simon

Meet the Soul Rise Team

Hi, We're Diana & Simon

When we met we started to realise that we had both yearned to meet a partner we could teach with. It’s uncanny how our subjects support each other and how our masculine and feminine perspectives offer more than the sum of their parts. We’ve been creative and playful in our lives, but we’ve also dug in, been serious professionals. With a combined 50+ years of experience in the personal development & healing fields, we are excited to hold space for your journey on SOULRISE… 



Inner Personal Work
Tap into our 50+ years of combined experience in energy healing, shamanic practice, womb & hara healing, direct spiritual experience, tantra yoga, soul archetype work, and inner personal path work plus teaching & empowering others


Knowledge from Experience
We've walked on a healing path separately and together as a couple for many years, and what we teach represents stuff we have actually found useful and practice in our daily lives and relationships - including our own


Like-Minded Rising Souls
Through our monthly sharing circles and 24/7 access to our forum, you'll be able to meet and share your experiences with a global community of like-minded rising souls - as well as reach out to us whenever you need


Learning as a Shared Experience of Equals
No gurus here! We're not comfortable on a pedestal, and won't shove our teachings down your throat. Your views and truth are important to us and we see learning as a shared experience of equals, not a top-down process.


Down To Earth
We're painfully aware that a lot of "spiritual" teachings promote totally unrealistic ideas of healing and evolution, bypassing the real and embodied healing process, the need for shadow work, the beautiful reality of being here on Earth.


Here for You for Many Years
We've both created our own healing paths for a long time and intend to be here for you for many years to come to share our work as it evolves and grow a strong, rooted community of evolving souls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the membership?

If you’ve been wanting to dive deeper in your path of divine relationship to self and others, and to empower yourself with new down-to-earth knowledge and tools that actually work, then the membership is designed to help you do just that, and more! Not only will we create a safe environment for you to share your experiences and stories, but we’ll also provide the support and resources you need to heal and integrate.

What is the value that I am getting?

Each month you´ll have the chance to join and/or watch the replay of three LIVE events. The real value of our membership is €49/month, but we are offering it to you for just €29/month during our launch period only. Or for €290/year which means two months free.

What is the story behind Soulrise?

Before we met, we were both on a journey of inner healing and a quest meet someone with whom we could experience everything that’s possible in a relationship, and with whom we could teach. When we met, we realised that we mutually enhanced our inner journey and that our combined experience and knowledge had an incredible value that we wanted to share with others. Specifically, there was an amazing complementarity between us in our tantric and shamanic paths our masculine and feminine approaches to practices and ways of teaching.

Who is Soulrise for?

We created Soulrise to help people from all walks of life enter into a divine relationship of self love, of emotional and spiritual sovereignty – first with themselves – and then if they wish, with a Beloved. We believe this is one of the most powerful ways to raise our energy and power as humans, and to navigate the amazing challenges and opportunities of these times.

What if it’s not for me?

If you join and find the membership isn’t for you then you can cancel easily any time. In fact it just takes two clicks or you send an email to us at [email protected]

Join The Club

Although the full value of this membership is €49 per month, you can get lifetime access at our exclusive offer of €29 per month. 

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By joining the free or full membership you are entering the private soulrise club. In the full membership you are agreeing to give the here transparently defined monthly or annual compensation to diana beaulieu, a woman, and simon björgvin veredon, a man, for the work of preparing the learning materials, running the soulrise live classes and holding space in the sharing circles, as well as for maintaining this online platform. Neither Diana nor Simon are companies, self-employed, employed or any form of corporation, but rather beings that have souls and living bodies. Soulrise is not a company or corporation, but rather a private club of men and women who agree to exchange their wisdom coming from experience and information from what Diana and Simon call the direct path to knowledge.