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Learn simple tantric yoga postures to increase natural feminine & masculine attraction
Dissolve old patterns through guided shamanic meditations
Sublimate your life force and alchemise your sexual energy
Build and maintain happy, spiritual relationships
with yourself, with a beloved and with your community

Learn, Practice & Share...

you may know that it's not easy to find down to earth teachings with simple, practical tools that help you evolve

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The Soulrise Private Membership Platform

It’s an online learning community for anyone who wants to ignite their natural power with tantric, yogic & shamanic tools.

An evolving curriculum of live and prerecorded online courses and six week programs, as well as presence workshops with teachings and practical tools for ongoing inner development geared towards clearing out obstacles and building happy spiritual relationships. 

Get in touch with your innate natural life force every day, so you can live your life, your sexuality and your soul-to-soul relationship to their fullest potential.

Plus: Grow into and enjoy a peer-to-peer community of like-minded souls along your journey, with our non-public, topic based chat groups and live online Q&A, practice and sharing circles.

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Tools to Build a Spiritual Relationship

Simon Sanud

What Soulrise Courses
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…depending on how much you apply

what you learn as you go along…


Learning as a Shared Experience of Equals
No gurus here! We're not comfortable on a pedestal, and won't shove our teachings down your throat. Your views and truth are important to us and we see learning as a shared experience of equals, not a top-down process.


Down To Earth
We're painfully aware that a lot of "spiritual" teachings promote totally unrealistic ideas of healing and evolution, bypassing the real and embodied healing process, the need for shadow work, the beautiful reality of being here on Earth.


Here for You for Many Years
We've both created our own healing paths for a long time and intend to be here for you for many years to come to share our work as it evolves and grow a strong, rooted community of evolving souls.

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By signing up you are joining the free membership that is included and you are entering the private membership soulrise club; in this club you may choose to give clearly  defined compensations for extra services, private sessions or further sign ups to additional live online classes; simon sanud, a man, receives all compensations gratefully for the work of preparing and editing the learning materials, running the soulrise live classes and holding space in the sharing circles, as well as for maintaining an online platform; simon is not a company, self-employed, employed or any form of corporation, but rather a being with a soul and a living body; soulrise is not a company or corporation, but rather a private club of men and women who agree to exchange their wisdom and knowledge.

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Group Chat Channels

Within the private membership platform you can enjoy non-public, topic based chat groups that relate to the topics we are learning about. Bond with the other participants and share about your personal journey in a safe environment.

Soulrise Library

Access the Soulrise Library with guided meditations, inspirational videos, PDFs and audio or video practices. Here is where the practices we learn in the courses can be accessed for your own use in your journey to spiritual relationship.

a place to...

Share knowledge

Offer Assistance

Create a Safe Space ​

Be Authentic

Share real, down-to-earth knowledge and tools that actually work and that we’ve tested over the years in our lives and with our community

Show up as and support other “warts’n’all” human beings, bringing lightness and humour to everything we do

Create a safe environment to share stories, successes, challenges and experiences on the healing path

Assist anyone who wants to consciously evolve and transform their life in the midst of these changing times