Spiritual Sovereignty

Spiritual Sovereignty

Hello dear fellow sacred travelers of this universe. I honor you for being in your physical bodies at this time in history. It’s not easy to be in the body at this time and in this article I will write about the different challenges we face collectively and will give my view on how to face these challenges without going through too much trouble. The good news is it’s quite easy to reveal to yourself your own spiritual sovereignty, once you allow yourself to realize what you are.

Sovereignty is a word that conjures up a sense of being regal. Queens and Kings are sovereign we tend to think, but that can be seen, from a wider perspective on earth’s history, as something relatively recent. According to the Sumerian tablets, translated by Zacharia Sitchin in the 1970s, “Kingship” was introduced just a few thousand years ago as a way to control civilization after the deluge. Before the deluge human settlements and tribes probably did without King- or Queenship and were just fine.

If we imagine for a moment a settlement or a tribe in the beauty of nature, living with respect to each other and natural law, we might feel them being perfectly in touch with the source of all that is, simply through their own deep, subtle, inner being.

Let’s imagine then, as it is described in those cuneiform stone tablets from ancient sumeria (now the area of Irak and Turkey), that a man or a woman walks up to the settlement, maybe with some relatively impressive gadgets the settlers have never seen and they say to the settlers “I am a God”. Let’s say that the settlers, these early, natural, original men and women living on that part of our planet earth, are impressed with these super tall men and women who have come to visit and they choose to accept the concept they are presenting: the source of power of all life is outside of you… in those “gods” and “goddesses”. Now, because we all are powerful beings and because what we think, believe and say has immense power, the settlers are giving their power away to these “gods”. These were apparently the times the bible refers to when it states: “when gods walked among men”. Incidentally, Zacharia Sitchin points out in detail where the old Sumerian texts and the old testament have overlapping narratives, as they do in this particular point as well. He elaborates, very carefully sticking to the translations, that these gods and goddesses initiated a culture in which the previously free men and women were entrained. They came to accept a number of concepts, like worship, which is related to “workship”, offering your toils and spoils to the gods, concepts like sacrificing to the gods and goddesses in numerous sometimes more sometimes less gory ways. Festivals were established, all with the central theme around the “deities”, further anchoring the acceptance of power being elsewhere in ceremonies that lasted for days and sometimes weeks. Whoever they were they trained the men and women meticulously in the art of serving them.

Let’s now imagine that after the deluge, almost with a sense of a clean slate, the gods and goddesses chose to take a step behind a veil and instead installed “Kingship” (in the Sumerian case a patriarchy), by which they introduced the concept of there being an “agent” who is installed by the gods. Now the men and women who repopulated the area that had been wiped out by the flood were offered to accept the power of the source of life being somewhere else, now removed out of sight. The only way to communicate or relate to this power is through serving the Kings and Queens. And in the same way, because we are such powerful beings, what we say goes. If we accept that concept, it truly sends our power to those beings, even behind the veil, because calling up their names in ceremonies, rituals and just in our minds and hearts, is like dialing in a unique IP-like-address that is then found in the universe, wherever that god or goddess may be.

“Is this asking me to give up my own authority?”

Everything that has come since then can be investigated by applying this “lens”. We can ask ourselves in any given modern life situation: “is this asking me to give up my own authority?”. “Did I even grow up in a cultural environment that allowed me to experience that I am myself in touch with the power of the source of all life?” “Do I even know this?”. The answer for me is a resounding no, because all the concepts that have been presented to me encourage me to believe the opposite to be true. I am trained in so many ways and during so many lifetimes to believe the the source of the power of life is outside of me, probably “up there somewhere” and I have learned to “believe in” that. Believing is so powerful that we co-create reality according to the concepts we believe in. If all the concepts we have accepted include authority being outside of ourselves we are powerfully co-creating that.

Take one obvious example: our particular point in history at this moment. There are agents of authority in each country on the earth telling humanity what to do. Even people who’s own common sense tells them not to follow the suggestions made by the “authorities” (an example of words reenforcing concepts) do obey. The collective gullibility is truly sad and tragic, because they mean so well when they do what they are told. Luckily the reverse is also happening. Men and women simply choose to not consent and they are fully within their rights, simply by knowing that they need to claim them.

This is the reason why this topic is of the highest importance at this time, as far as I can see and feel to be true. My apologies for taking you far back in time and back to this challenging point in history, with what seems a bleak outlook at first. The good news is that it isn’t:

“It’s all here…all now”

After all this mind activity of imagining all these things, as a suggestion, just take a short moment to look up from the page or screen, pick a point and soft focus your eyes on it. Zone out for a minute and let the mind be the mind, soften your gaze, relax your face muscles, neck and shoulders, belly and pelvic area and come back to your heart… I’m suggesting you just try this for about a minute, just staying with your breath and your heart….and thinking to yourself: “It’s all here…all now”…

I’m going to do the same, taking a break from writing this article… okay… “all here…all now”

…aaaaand we’re back. I’m writing, your reading and I have news for you. What you just did was “just being”, you were consciously zoning out of your thoughts in your mind, the part of you responsible for the calculations about life and feeling into your center, the part that you naturally tap with your finger when you say “me” (the middle of your chest , right?). You already are in touch with the part of you that is the most subtle, the most “high”. Through an intuitive journey I did I experienced that this part of me is the part most directly connected to source, where this part of me came from. My “being” part. My being part that then had the opportunity, by free choice, to take on being “in-soul-ated” and then many times, being “in-carn-ated”. This part and all of my “envelopes” around my most subtle part, my being, is already and always has been from the start, sovereign. I choose to believe that we all are like this. It makes sense to me that I am not the only one with this special feature.

But, of course, there is a challenge, a problem. We all seem to consent to, over and over again and in many different ways, not being sovereign. We voluntarily give up being our own authority with our words, that are all spells and create contracts that last over life times and in the physical we sign documents buying into the contracts of society that put us under the authority of instituions. We do this all the time and in so many ways. We are not only doing it now, we have been doing this for many lifetimes and we are doing it in all arenas of life in this universe. From the most subtle to the densest layers of reality we keep agreeing not to be sovereign.

How can we investigate where we are doing this? It’s easy. All we have to do is hold up one simple “lens” to all of our endeavors and see what reveals itself. At this stage I am taking a deep breath because I am aware that some might be reading this that might be confronted with something very challenging that has taken me 10 years to untangle within myself. The “lens” that I held up to all different areas of my life has been “does it empower me or does it ask me to give my power away?” Very simple. But the answers were challenging the foundations on which I based my life at the time.

The Spiritual Sovereignty Path

Like many I had been following a beautiful yogic path, after searching for something more immediately accessible than Christianity, with which I grew up. I followed a living teacher on one of the yogic paths and I am deeply grateful of all that I have learned. But through the years I noticed that there were things that I was not happy with and that confused me. Things that conflicted with my own experience of what I held to be true, so I started to question on a deeper layer, even though this was deeply unsettling for me. I relate this because I want any readers of this article to know that I don’t relate this lightly: even teachers that believe they are giving something harmonious and constructive to their students may be unaware that they are taking power away from them. I had the good fortune of learning more and more about shamanic journeying, just using the drums, no intake of medicine, through my beloved Diana and we discovered that I had consented to my life force being subtly and almost imperceptibly “harvested”, even without my teacher himself knowing about it. She actually saw thousands of small “energy-straws” that were coming out of me, going to him, but then beyond him to other entities that were hidden. My teacher was not aware of this and I hold him completely harmless. In fact I love and respect him as I did before. What I told him months and many deliberations later of how to verbalize this without hurting him: “I love you as a being and I am deeply grateful for all that I learned from you, but what I am telling you today is that I am stepping away from the Guru disciple relationship”. After listening intently and then a pause he replied: “Well said and yes, let’s keep in touch”. I offered to tell him why I was stepping away if he wanted to know, which he hasn’t indicated until now, but that might change, or he might come across this article one day. In any case it is my wish that he knows, should that day come, that I hold him harmless. We all can be fooled, even at very subtle density levels.

There are more layers to this of course, but suffice it to say that I realized I had been giving my life force away voluntarily, by consent and by openly surrendering myself to my Guru, which is a thing that is implied in the whole tradition of gurudom. Surrender is seen as giving up one’s “ego”, a positive and desirable thing within this paradigm. It is only now that I realize it is part of a multifaceted scheme, running through many religions and spiritual paths, maybe even all, that sets men and women up to give away their inherent power, their inherent knowledge of being of the source and having their own access to the source of all life.

This consent runs even deeper than this to the subtle level of the soul and can result in contracts that the soul is bound to for life times. If this sounds dramatic I can tell you that for me it was like the moment at the end of the film “Usual Suspects” where the detective realizes all the points of information and research coming together in one moment. It had been a ten year quest for what is really true about this paradigm of my spiritual path and religion. I remember letting this new information sink in over a few weeks. Even in today’s morning meditation I came to realize that pranaming to my teacher was probably a way of signing and resigning a soul contract with the whole paradigm that even my teacher is being deceived by.

So, What to Do to Reach Spiritual Sovereignty?

What can we do, if we are entangling ourselves in all these ways and all these levels and into all these areas of life and multiple dimensions? This is bad right? Well, yes and no. It’s only bad if you decide to leave things as they are and you choose to look the other way because it’s too painful to face a reality that staggering. One of the characters in the matrix, who was faced with going back into the illusion or waking up to reality, comes to mind. He sits there in the illusion of a fine restaurant and says that he would rather be there with a nice glass of red wine and a juicy steak than to dive into the depths of reality in which a big clean up is in order. I would not agree with him, were I in that scene in the Matrix movie. I would say to him: “sitting here with your imaginary harmony only postpones your liberation and your liberation is not as hard as the screenwriters of this movie are making it out to be. In fact it is easily within reach: Because you already are a sovereign being, with your own access to the power of the source of life and because the words you speak have an immense power, in fact co-creating reality, you have it within your own means to simply state the rules of your reality. This is within your rights as being and as a being in-soul-ated and incarnated on this planet. You just have to make sure you don’t miss a layer. By this I mean that whatever you happen to not mention when you lay down your law, is not covered.

So, to you dear reader, I offer my thoughts on this spell that will lay down your law, if you so choose. After studying the subject of sovereignty on many different levels from natural law to spiritual sovereignty I made the intention to formulate words that shine out into the environment what I will and will not accept or consent to, because the interesting thing is that any institution or entity will always seek your consent. This seems to be an important point in universal law to which even entities and institutions are bound: If a being lays down their law and does not consent to what they are doing, they are trespassing against that being and there are consequences, just like gravity is a reality in the laws of physics.

So here is what I call the All Encompassing Declaration of Integrity, because my intention is for it to be all encompassing, so as to not leave any area open or undefined. Feel free to use this text as an inspiration for creating your own declarations. You can give notice to the world by printing out your version of this text on your front door. That is a way of giving notice that is acknowledged by law. You can also post it publicly in any way you see fit, on your own website for example, or you can simply speak it out loud in nature where you feel comfortable and connected.

I start this text by stating on which authority I am making these statements in order to reveal my spiritual sovereignity.

All Encompassing

Declaration of Integrity

By my authority as a being of the source I declare the following:

I am the being who has authority over my soul, my consciousness, my astral body, my energy body and my physical body, because they are co-created by me according to the blueprint, the source codes, of my own being.

I acknowledge all beings of the source as co-creators of this universe and multiverse.

I hold full responsibility over my soul. I dissolve any contracts and revoke any consent to my soul being held under any bondage. I hold authority over my soul. I claim all my soul parts as mine alone and I call them all home to me.

As a being of the source my consciousness is under my authority. I withdraw any direct or implied permission to my consciousness being manipulated. My consciousness is my integral space in the fifth density and it is under my authority. Unless I freely invoke this myself, I do not accept any influences inside of it or close to it.

My emotions and psychology, my own astral body, are my private part in the fourth density field. I dissolve any and all vows, contracts, or implied permission to my emotions, psychology, my astral body, being manipulated in any way. I command my astral body to go out of resonance with any entities, thought-forms, programs or devices that are not acting in the interest of the good will for all. I consciously choose who or what to interact with or share space with on all levels.

I dissolve all vows, contracts, or permissions implying that the life force of my own energy body can be harvested in any way. My life force is given to me directly by source and indirectly via the sun, the earth and the energies and food they co-create. All of the life force continuously given to me are 100% mine, sustaining my life of freedom and co-creation in this universe.

My message to any entities that believe they are cut off from source and need to harvest energy from others is this: You too can plug into the energy of the source and be sustained with life force abundantly. Just say to source: „I accept“ and it will flow freely. All parts of you will be healed by the true nature of this in good time.

I do not consent to my physical body being manipulated in any way. Going forward and backward in time I command my genetic codes to adhere to the original blueprints, the source codes coming directly from source via my being. The space I occupy, with my third density organic body, is mine by divine right, authored by the source and flowing via my being through my soul into my astral and energy bodies into all of my cells and organic vessels.

No synthetic or inorganic or half organic structures or elements are permitted to share this space. I command my physical body to be of the resonance of lovingly dissolving any structures that are encountered in the air, in the water, food or any substances entering the body.

I give notice that they are trespassing without my permission and therefore acting against universal law, natural law and common law.

I invoke the highest healing frequencies to dissolve any toxic elements, mixed life forms or nano sized structures that wish to enter my body. I command my body to expel any such elements of any size physically and energetically.

All of the here mentioned and unmentioned envelopes comprising my bodies of all the existing densities are under my authority in all time. Together they form my integral, manifested being.

By my own authority as a being of the source, I declare that I do not consent to being recorded by any devices of any density, or being analysed and profiled by agents of any government or non governmental organization, or by artificial intelligence. The words and ideas I think, speak or write are authored by me and I hereby claim all copyrights of them, on any medium, because they, like all the expressions of my being are co-created by me as a being of the source. I hereby give notice that any recordings and analytics are not authorized by me and are therefore trespassing against my declared rule of privacy for privacy’s sake, as a living being on this planet.

The entirety of what I have stated here is my all encompassing declaration of integrity for all space and time. These are the rules that I am laying down, by my authority as a being of the source, over my spaces and spheres of influence as defined by me in this declaration. Now that I have defined my rules any trespass against them is done without my permission and the consequences shall be defined by the dynamics of the natural law, the power of the universal law and if need be in a common law court of the people with the authority to define and claim remedies for any trespasses. My message to any that wish to trespass against my rules is this: Don’t do it. You are putting yourself in dishonor. The laws of the universe do not treat this kindly over time. Instead, choose to live in honor. Create your own space and power from what the source is willing to give you freely in every moment. You have beauty inside you. Take responsibility for your soul and let the true nature of the source shine through you into the manifest universe. It’s free like sunlight and it just feels ecstatically good.

Use, Share & Make it Your Own

This is of course a long form of this document. I intend it to include everything that could possibly be relevant. But you can of course create a short and simple version that lists all the areas and layers in one or two sentences and gives notice that you do not consent to any form of manipulation in any way shape or form in all time and space and that you and your manifestations are your sovereign domain.

There is of course much to be learned to really build this in to the foundations and layers of our lives and it is a worthy endeavor to restate this every now and then, because old habits and beliefs usually pop back in for a while, until we have successfully re-written our habits of thinking, consenting and feeling we are somehow “under” someone else’s authority. Further inner work is of course needed in order to heal our layers of hurt that may attract negative influences. The simple and good news is we aren’t and leaving out all the ways in which we have hereto consented silently, tacitly is a doable, easy and cost effective way to strip away what makes us feel unfree.

The beauty is that under all those layers our own power and inherent freedom are already there.

I can say for myself that it feels peaceful and powerful to discover this. I hold no grudges for the manipulation that has been occurring, but instead feel compassion for those that are in the spells and constraints of their contracts. Rather than feel in opposition to them I say, come join us by the source. The waters of freedom are lovely.

With a lot of respect I wish you, dear sacred travelers, clarity and simplicity in your journeys and may you discover peace and joy in your own inner authority. For live online classes on this and other subjects consider joining our soulrise membership.


The Copyright to this text in all space and time is held by me, the living being who in this current timeline is known as Simon Björgvin Veredon.

Please, feel free to share the blog-link with others who are like minded.

The passage of the ‘All Encompassing Declaration of Integrity’ is permitted for other sovereign beings to share with others, to use to clear all their contracts, to make it their own and to give notice to the world .

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