Workshops for Men & Women


Two Days

Sat  10:00 – 14:00

Sun  10:00 – 14:00

Alchemy of the spirit and our sensuality… What aspects are involved and how can you change your awareness from purely physical stimulation to experiencing sensuality on an energetic level and even beyond on a soul level?

Let’s discover how to:

  • Train your Erotic Life Force to rise
  • Own Your Desire
  • Have Orgasms in Your Heart
  • Alchemy of Magnetic Polarity

Stitting in circle, Simon shares his own experiences and resulting knowledge that he picked up through tantric and shamanic paths over the past decades. His shares, shamanic guided meditations, practical tools and concepts come from a spiritual and sovereign perspective, are taught in the format of a class with theory and yoga asanas as practices. There is no nudity or pairing up for exercises. Imagine you are in a university.

The intention is to give the participants new perspectives and to experience useful practices. Tantric, shamanic and purely experiencial knowledge are related verbally and in guided meditations, as yogic concepts and physical asanas are taught to potentially be taken on as daily practices after the workshop.

The workshop is for couples or singles alike. No pairing up is necessary for the teachings, the asanas and the meditations to be experienced.

Join Simon in this wonderful workshop for men and women who want to expand their view and experience of their own sexuality in a fun, safe knowledge based environment.



Sensuality & Spiritual Awakening

For Men & Women

Simon Sanud

With Simon Sanud


For Couples & Singles


Energetic Heart Orgasms
Postures to increase Sexual Energy
Her & His Dynamics of Longer Love Making
Dissolve Old Patterns That Hold Us Back
Co-Create & Maintain Magnetic Attraction
Alchemise Sex to an Expanded Energetic Experience

Workshop compensation includes:

2 Day Workshop with knowledge share, practices, sharing circles & guided meditations
3 Months free access to videos about the practices online on
3 Months free access to a group chat for sharing about practices with the other participants and the facilitator
3 Months free access to monthly Q&A, practice & sharing circle Zoom Call

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Workshop Compensation €189 (or 6 one-ounce silver coins)

Includes Practice Videos and 3 Follow Up Group Zoom Calls

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2 Day Workshop

Sat  10:00-14:00

Sun 10:00 – 14:00

In Presence

In Mallorca


Also available as

Online Course anytime


“Splitting the Orgasm” isn’t giving anything up. It’s enhancing and expanding the  whole experience and the orgasm, while connecting more to the subtle parts of yourself and your beloved… retaining your seminal fluid, your ejaculation… and expanding your erotic life force energy into all the parts of your body you wish to direct it to, leaving you in a state of having fully released and yet not being exhausted the next day.

The workshop takes place in our new “Soulrise Yurt” in Santa Eularia here in Ibiza. Sitting in circle, Simon shares his own experiences and resulting knowledge that he picked up through his yogic, tantric and shamanic paths over the past decades.

The workshop consists of knowledge-shares by Simon and the sharing of practical tools and concepts as well as some guided meditations. The Tantric aspects are related as yogic asanas and the sexual aspects are related verbally.

Join Simon while he shares his techniques and ten years of experience with yang balance and sexual continence. He has benefited immensely from this and is inspired to share it with you.

Men's Workshop

with Simon

Increasing Your Life Force
Splitting the Orgasm
Activating Your Yang Energy
Releasing Old Male Patterns

"After attending the Men's workshop with Simon, I learned several new aspects and techniques on the practice of sexual alchemy and left greatly inspired to continue my journey along this path. Our teacher offered a wealth of knowledge on the subject and within the safe container he created, was happy to engadge with all my questions and provided literature to take home for further reading. I would fully recommend this workshop to any man that wishes to engadge with his own sexual energy and use it across multiple facets of their life."
Grant Rogers
Ibiza CumWhatMay Group
"I am very grateful for having the opportunity to participate in this workshop. It is a topic that was calling me for many years now, and it helped me to understand better the underlying subtilities of this very special moment in a man’s life. I wish many more can receive this knowledge because it is an empowering act that helps me finding balance in my energies and will stay with me for ever. Thank you so much for sharing your practice. Namaste." Unai
Tierra Iris Ibiza
''The workshop that Simon held is a great way to connect and land with other men on a topic that isn't talked often about. Simon is using his own experience and observation to share and suggest a way to redirect the potential energy that men have. His approach and speach skills make it even more enjoyable and easy to receive. He is as well sharing some of his valuable secrets to contribute to the rise and awakening of his brothers."

10 Steps to Achieve Long Term Semen Retention

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Compensation €149

(or 6 one-ounce silver coins)

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Workshops with Diana & Simon

Dates Still to be Announced

Weekend Workshop

Two Days

Sat  11:00-14:00  & 16:00-18:00

Sun 11:00-14:00  & 16:00-18:00

In Presence in Soulrise Yurt

We all have the four elements of the four human powers in us: the ability to manifest or create order (earth), the ability to be in the moment to enjoy pleasure (water), the ability to focus and have discipline (fire) and the ability to tap into knowledge and principles (air). These are the four main areas of pursuit, known as the archetypes, that Diana and I call the four human powers. We know them by “King & Queen”, “Warrior & Huntress or Amazon”, “Magician & High Priestess” and “male or female Lover”.

They are resonance fields within our souls, but how do we access all of them to master the four elements of our lives?

Join Diana and Simon in this first in a series of two day workshops, starting with the EARTH WOMAN & EARTH MAN, OR KING & QUEEN of the earth element. Learn about these two archetypal human powers.  We are used to seeing them as the Tyrant or Ice Queen in our world, forms that are so distorted, in their steep hierarchy, that we hardly know them in their harmonious forms.

In this series of 4 weekend workshops we complete an inquiry to help you find where you are on the map of your soul. Become conscious of the powers you are familiar with. Learn about your untapped potential by taking this into short, simple daily resonance practices and develop feelable fullness in all four elements of your life, starting with the earth element, the resonance field to help you take on responsibilities and concretely manifest what you envision in your life. The three other elements will be covered in the upcoming workshops, to be announced. If you miss a live workshop you can also do the workshops as an online course later and catch up. Contact us with any questions you may have at [email protected]

Map Of The Soul

Earth Woman & Earth Man
Kings & Queens

with Diana & Simon

The Four Archetypal Human Powers

Find Your Place on the Map of Your Soul

Compensation €249     0r 8 Silver Coins

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