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Healing Meditation

Download this guided meditation package for a free healing modality anchoring in high frequency golden light that protects your body and energy field.

This meditation is a first in a series that we are offering to help heal in these turbulent times.

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Attract Healthy Masculine Energy into your Life & Relationships

Attract Healthy Masculine Energy into your Life & Relationships

In this article I would like to share some perspectives and practices which will help you to healthily receive as part of being in your feminine polarity.   Life and Creation themselves depend on a healthy and polarised, or magnetically attracted, interplay between divine masculine and divine feminine energies. This principle operates at vast, cosmic …

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How to Balance our Masculine and Feminine Energies

How to Balance our Masculine and Feminine Energies

We live in a time where great changes in how we perceive men and women are taking place. It is an achingly slow progress towards true equality. In the workforce women have been able to rise in terms of participation and filling leadership roles, but we are far from an equal distribution in these areas. …

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It’s a new online  community for anyone who wants to activate and harmonise their masculine & feminine energy, ignite their personal sovereignty and create joyful dynamic relationships.

An evolving curriculum of live online classes with teachings and practical tools for coherent, ongoing personal development geared towards living life and ones individual path to its full potential.

Plus: community support on your healing and personal development journey with our expert and peer to peer online forum and live sharing circles.


Enjoy listening in on our conversations with amazing guest healers and teachers on topics such as trauma healing, spiritual sovereignity, emotional healing and sacred sexuality.

Hi, We're Diana & Simon

When we met we started to realise that we had both yearned to meet a partner we could teach with. It’s uncanny how our subjects support each other and how our masculine and feminine perspectives offer more than the sum of their parts. We’ve been creative and playful in our lives, but we’ve also dug in, been serious professionals. With a combined 50+ years of experience in the personal development & healing fields, we have been excited to create SOULRISE… 

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