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8 Keys For Happy, Spiritual Relationship

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6 painful signs of an unconscious relationship

6 painful signs of an unconscious relationship

What is an unconscious relationship? In order to start a conscious relationship – with yourself and others – you need to understand what are the signs that you are in a unconscious relationship – so you can embark on the journey to consciously relating to yourself and others!…

Attract Healthy Masculine Energy into your Life & Relationships

Attract Healthy Masculine Energy into your Life & Relationships

In this article I would like to share some perspectives and practices which will help you to healthily receive as part of being in your feminine polarity.   Life and Creation themselves depend on a healthy and polarised, or magnetically attracted, interplay between divine masculine and divine feminine…



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Simon Sanud

I had my first spiritual awakening in 1987, which inspired a journey around the world, leading me to a guru disciple relationship and living in a tantra ashram. When I met Diana we started to realise that we had both yearned to meet a partner we could share our knowledge with and live by it inside the relationship. We’ve both been creative and playful in our lives, but we’ve also dug in, been serious professionals. The spirtual, shamanic and practical teachings I share on soulrise, with guest speaking appearances by Diana, are based on our respective spiritual journeys and what has worked for us in a spiritual, emotional, energetic and practical sense in our relationship.

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