From Personal Development

to a Rising Collective Evolution

At This Point in History
We Need To Come Into Our Harmonious Strength

Many Of Our

Come From
The Masculine
Having Been
Over Time

Growing Up Without a Harmonious Father Figure

Being Fed A Destructive Patriarchal Narrative

Couple Dynamics Being Distorted

But We Now Have Many Healing Tools For Growth

Status Quo Of The Modern Masculine

One of the problems we are facing is a lack of “Get-Up-And-Go” energy. Our masculine, Yang energy is often depleted by several factors in our modern life style.

Another is how we are still stuck in a hangover of tabus around modalities that could make us stronger, like partial or full sexual continence through energetic transmutation of sexual energy into creative energy…

…and we have collectively lost our rituals of initiation with the advent of the church and its removal of our ancestral, tribal systems around becoming mature members of our tribes.

We have lost healing modalities that were simple and effective, acknowledging the subtle realities that can lead to dis-ease.

We have lost our connection to the magical consciousness of the earth, with its plants and animals.

We no longer know how to be in harmony with each other in relationships, accepting and honouring our differences, instead we are losing ourselves in the narrative of being the “same”, rather than equal.

Time has brought us to a point in history where the healing knowledge of our ancestors is resurfacing and we can choose to take this on for our next steps in our collective evolution, away from distortions and into strength and harmony.

For Men

Who Yearn For



From Feeling

Into Feeling
& Empowered
In Their Own
Version of
Embodying Their

Men's Practitioner Programs

Men & Women's Online Course

Transform Your Natural Masculine Energy

Dissolve Your Old Role Models

Anchor In Your Own Way of Being A Man

Transmute Your Sexual Energy

Activate Your Manifesting Power

Take the Initiation Into Adult Manhood

Why Join this Evolution?


“i must say that the little innocent workshop i have done with Simon really changed my life.

my relationship dynamics around sexuality took a big transition.

i feel much less stress in my lower centres and yet always open for sexuality.

with simple daily practice i have learned how to sublimate my sexual energy.

i have practiced semen retention a few times in the past

but never could move my sexual energy from my base up.

now it became very simple and i’m already a few months on that journey.

it became almost effortless.

i have also learnt how to split the orgasm from ejaculation in a very short time.

Simon is super humble and a very knowledgeable teacher with a lot of life experience.

he has very good skills to guide men to their full potential

and bring more abundance to their relationships.

i’m really recommending working with him.”

Roni, Ibiza

''The workshop that Simon held is a great way to connect and land with other men
on a topic that isn't talked often about. Simon is using his own experience and observation
to share and suggest a way to redirect the potential energy that men have. His approach and speech skills make it even more enjoyable and easy to receive. He is as well sharing some of his valuable secrets
to contribute to the rise and awakening of his brothers."

Simon Sanud's "Why"
Offering Soulrise Courses

I have benefited greatly from practicing a few simple tools with a long term view in life. My energy, mental clarity, will power, charisma, magnetism and motivation increased greatly and I became more and more inspired to reach my full potential in life, for myself and a beloved – within a high level relationship. 

My intention is to share with you the most essential knowledge and practices that took me decades to learn, that can set you up with valuable perspectives and short daily practices, leading you to a more subtle and more powerful experience of the dynamics in your personal development, your relationships and in your experience of sexuality. 

Simon Sanud teaches how to build harmonious, happy relationships

Photo by Aamod Korhonen

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Background Story

The history I have had of being in meaningful, happy relationships and learning about the mysteries on spiritual paths have lead me to the body of work I have developed and am currently teaching. In this video I share about my first spontaneous spiritual awakenings, my twenty-year guru disciple relationship and how I perceived the message from my guru to mean that it is somehow more elevated to be “alone” than to be in a sexually active romantic relationship. Watch this video to hear how I moved away from that path and why I am so passionate about my teachings…

Simon Sanud

I had my first spiritual awakening in 1987, which inspired a journey around the world, leading me to a guru disciple relationship and later living in a tantra yoga ashram. When I met Diana, after leaving the ashram, we started to realise that we had both yearned to meet a partner we could share our knowledge with and live by it inside the spiritual couple relationship. We’ve both been creative and playful in our lives, but we’ve also dug in, been serious professionals. The spiritual, shamanic and practical teachings I share on Soulrise are based on what has now been working for us in a spiritual, emotional, energetic and practical sense in our relationship.

Shamanic Journeys

Private Sessions


  • Clear energetic family entanglements
  • Release past relationship entanglements
  • Reveal and dissolve unconscious contracts
  • Clear saboteur energies
  • Open up for abundance
  • Combine your development with online courses


  • Energetische Familienverstrickungen auflösen
  • Vergangene Beziehungsverstrickungen auflösen
  • Unbewusste Verträge aufdecken und auflösen
  • Saboteur-Energien Klären
  • Für mehr Fülle öffnen
  • Eigene Entwicklung mit Online Kursen verbinden
Shamanic Journeys to heal sources of conflict and build happy relationship