About Soulrise

Mission & Purpose

I feel called to teach about knowledge and practices that have helped me in my life and relationships. I have often thought about ways to simplify what I was learning in Tantra Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Kashmir Shaivism and in Shamanic practices, so that more people can enjoy the benefits of ancient truths and practices in their daily lives. 

We don’t have a whole lot of positive templates in our society, at least not as many as would be helpful to us collectively. Living harmoniously does not have to be complicated. Effective techniques don’t have to be kept secret either. I make an agreement at the beginning of each workshop or online class, that everyone present is responsible for their own actions and for what they do with this knowledge and with these practices. It fits with the evolving time we are in: men and women are becoming more responsible for themselves, for what they think is true, for what they believe in, what they agree to eat, to do with their time etc. I see those who come to me as self responsible beings that want to learn how to be even more self responsible in their relationship with the community around them and with their loved ones. 

Simon Sanud

I have been waiting for the right moment in my life to start sharing some of the tools and practices I have come across along the way. Since 2014 I have been burning for this, but never had the intuitive “yes” to start.

Starting a new relationship with Diana changed this and almost all other aspects of my life. Apart from everything else we mutually enhanced our inner journeys and healing. We naturally combined our experience and knowledge and organically started feeling called to share this with others. It feels right, especially in this moment of collective history.

I’m excited about presenting it all in a way that is down to earth and accessible, without any umbrella structure of a fixed belief system. I leave that up to you. Diana and I understand the healing process simply as a healing of patterns tha can be dissolved or evolved. It’s spiritual in the sense of a direct and independent inner connection to universal source.

I am inspired and excited to have this beautiful opportunity to contribute everything we have learned and share about any inner healing we went through with a select community of beautiful, daring beings. I am making myself available to offer techniques, suggestions and support along the path of evolution and inner healing.

Core Values & Approach

Self Responsibility

We provide powerful healing tools but each human being is self-responsible for their own healing. We will always remind you of your own power to heal & transform.

Connecting to Earth

We want to help you to ground to the Earth principally – not get LOST in practices that take you out of your body and day to day reality. We are here to help you make your life work!


We show up as authentic human beings, sharing our current challenges, especially when we feel it’s useful as a teaching tool. Likewise we invite you to be authentic, warts n all with us!

Direct Knowledge

We don’t just repeat stuff that we have been taught. We check and test our ideas and tools through our intuition and the results they brings in our lives. We will always invite you to do the same.


We hold clearly that each human being can claim their own power over all aspects of their lives. We will always point you back to yourself as the true source of your power on your healing path.

Love for Life

We really believe you incarnated to enjoy life in your body. We welcome you to claim your right to joy, health, love and sexuality. We won’t let anyone rain on our parade, and neither should you.



An online community for anyone who wants to activate and harmonise their masculine & feminine energy, ignite their personal sovereignty and create joyful dynamic relationships.

An evolving curriculum of live online classes with teachings and practical tools for for coherent, ongoing personal development geared towards living life to its full potential.

Plus: community support on your healing and personal development journey with our expert and peer to peer online forum and live sharing circles.

Six fun facts you might enjoy
knowing about Diana & Simon


Diana studied Biology at Oxford University with Richard Dawkins, world famous biologist & author. She studied hummingbirds too!


In “In A Different Key” shot in LA Simon played a role molded on his real life buddy Dave, an up and coming Hollywood rockstar


Diana spent 5 years DJing in edgy East London, spinning African music for club & gig nights. She still loves Afrobeat!


In 1994 Simon and his room mates had a show on NYC cable TV that aired Thursday nights.


Diana lived in South America in her 20’s where she loved horse riding solo in the mountains


Simon grew up watching never ending modern ballet rehearsals and performances of his ballet parents. Now he really appreciates ballet.